The Aliens from Planet Knowhow

On Sunday 20th December Wonder and Why, two aliens from Planet Knowhow, arrived during our Family Nativity Service and, hopefully, took the story of Jesus’ birth back to their people!

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One Response to The Aliens from Planet Knowhow

  1. Rev. Albert Kwasi Addae says:

    It is true that I have been transferred from Elom to Ho Kpodzi at the Church’s headquarters .I am still in Ho.
    I like the video on your nativity play last December. Very nice pictures to view. I can just imagine your performance as the Wise Woman.
    How is Ian? What about Dr. Andrew Anderson ? How is everybody else of the Old And Abbey, Arbroath? Is the eco-congregation concept still ongoing ?
    I am trying my PhD studentship application to the university of Aberdeen. If I am enrolled, Arbroath will be my holiday base for every holiday for the 3-years.
    Once more, your pictures are more than beautiful and I really love them. Albert.

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