Holy Week 2015

Throughout Holy Week all the Primary 7 children in Arbroath and District were invited to attend The Easter Code which was held in St Andrew’s Church but supported by all the school chaplains and volunteers from their congregations.  The Easter Code is an event designed to encourage the young people to explore the meaning of Easter through a series of ‘gazebos’ set up to re-enact The Last Supper, the Foot Washing, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Crowds in Jerusalem and The Crucifixion.  A team from the Old & Abbey worked alongside our minister, Dolly, with the children from the two schools she is involved with – Hayshead and Ladyloan.

The children from Hayshead Primary can be seen in the gallery of images below:

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and those from Ladyloan Primary in the following gallery:

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Maundy Thursday Communion was celebrated with the congregation gathered around a beautifully arranged communion table on the chancel.

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On Good Friday morning ALL the children from Hayshead walked to the Old & Abbey for their End of Term service led by Dolly and Martin Fair.  It was wonderful to have a church full of young people and listen to them lead the service, sing and play their guitars and violin.

In the evening our Good Friday service brought together an arrangement of icons that told the story of Holy Week.  Dolly, with assistance from Ian Townsend, told the story as seen by the wife of Pontius Pilate, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdelene.  A very powerful message concluded with the crucifixion scenes from the film ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.

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The joint 8am Easter Sunday sunrise service at Arbroath Abbey was well supported by members of the Old & Abbey and the 11am  all-age worship was a joyous occasion with lots of surprises including Easter eggs!  Lunch followed which Daffodil Crosswas thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

A busy, but amazing week – well done to everyone who made it happen, especially Dolly!

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