A First for Angus Presbytery

The Old & Abbey is joining a select group of Church of Scotland Churches in installing Solar Panels.  The panels are being installed as part of our commitment to reduce our carbon foot print  in line with Church of Scotland recommendations.  We also need to be good stewards of God’s creation and prepare for a more sustainable future. 

The installation of the Solar Panels is the final phase of a three year improvement plan to make our buildings as environmentally friendly as possible.  We will also reduce our carbon footprint and our ever increasing energy bills.

This exercise has seen some major improvements with the installation of new boilers, roof and loft insulation, new lighting and installation of light sensors in toilets and corridors.

All the work has been carried out based on an Energy Trust  survey commissioned by the Property and Eco-Awareness Groups back in 2009. Energy Trust (Scotland) made recommendations on achieving a more energy efficient building to help minimise our costs and reduce our carbon footprint in line with Church of Scotland recommendations.

The Kirk Session agreed that our existing heating  system was no longer efficient, that we should invest in new boilers and new technology to improve our buildings. This would  enable us to cut costs, reduce emissions and protect the environment.

As a congregation we should be proud that our Kirk Session had the faith and vision to approve this work and displayed a true commitment to God’s Creation. By reducing our carbon footprint and being responsible stewards we are helping to protect our fragile ecosystem.

DISCOVERY Solar Systems will be installing the panels and this decision was made for several reasons.  Cost, their expertise in the field of solar technology and their professional and efficient manner at our meetings. The panels DISCOVERY offered (Schott) are amongst the best available with an excellent track record for reliability.

The work will take approximately one week but will not affect the use of any buildings during the installation period. The panels will be installed on the roof above the small hall that extends to the vestry.

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