A New Version of the Ten Commandments

During the sermon one Sunday the children present were asked to fill in an activity sheet about the Ten Commandments while the Minister preached on them.  As part of the activity sheet the children were asked to write their own modern ten commandments.  Below is Freyja Muir’s version which we think you will enjoy reading.  If we all followed Freyja’s commandments our lives and the world would be a better place.  Well done, Freyja!

  1. Be kind to animals.
  2. Don’t hurt people’s feelings.
  3. Don’t want what somebody else has.
  4. Don’t take what you have for granted.
  5. Listen to people when they talk.
  6. Do what you are told.
  7. Try and come to church every Sunday.
  8. Try to cheer people up when they are sad.
  9. Think of everybody – not just yourself.
  10. Always say kind things.
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